MGIS' exclusive dealership scanning services


With MGIS' repair orders and other vital dealership documents can now be scanned without having to purchase software of storage hardware. All of your dealership records (repair orders, loan agreements, wheel and tire contracts, used car warranty agreements, deal jackets, HR, payroll and more) can now be scanned daily and retrieved 24/7. MGIS' Software Services allows you to eliminate manually retrieving all your documents. Retrieve requested records for a particular VIN or a repair order within minutes. With less time than it currently takes to file you're your paperwork, you can scan into MGIS'. Avoid wasting valuable office space on storage of documents and lost documents become a thing of the past.


  • Eliminate filing of paper
  • Eliminate retrieving paper
  • Eliminate refilling of paper
  • Minimal IT involvement
  • No need to purchase software
  • Answer manufacturer audit or warranty
    requests within minutes
  • Verify all repair orders are
    accounted for
  • Avoid lost documents
  • Retrieve documents by various known
    fields such as RO#, VIN#, model,
    make and license plate